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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version is again a major upgrade, where changes that I have been working on over the past few months were implemented. The download is now substantially smaller (around half the previous download size), with additions due to suggestions from users - thanks this month to JL, TB, GS, AF, and ND :)

New functionality

  • Addition of pick-markers with a selection of shapes. The markers can be off-set, sized, coloured and are placed by mouse picking in the scene. Keep the "SHIFT"-button depressed for the placement of multiple markers, and right-click in the scene when done.

  • Added an option to colour meshes on the distance from a mouse pick point. See right toolbar bottom button (with the painter colour palette icon) and select "Colour distance from pick".

  • Added option to differentiate between polygons that are visible and invisible from a picked point. See right toolbar bottom button (with the painter colour palette icon) and select "Colour visibility from pick". The upcoming Newsletter will show how to combine this with other colouring options to create the image below (grey is invisible from the selection point, and the remainder coloured on distance from the point).

  • By popular demand, the "Reset view" under "Complex actions => Clipping" was brought back, with substantially improved functionality. Continuous pressing now toggle between the two sides of the section, and the button now toggles between "Clip view 1" and "Clip view 2".

  • Text can now be associated with mouse pick "Markers" and "Map-discs", and the comments are saved as a separate column when exported as a CSV-file, or as layer information when saved as a DXF-file.

  • Added an orientation widget to the bottom left corner to augment the orientation text previously shown when the "Camera Orientation Widget" button is toggled "ON" (left toolbar top button).


  • The installation download size is now substantially smaller than previous downloads (without losing any functionality).

  • Changes to the "Measure" and "Map-disc" options, where many options now in the pop-up box instead of individual menu items.

  • The "Quick Toolbars" were compressed into a single toolbar, and only the often used buttons retained. This top toolbar is activated when certain functions are selected to make following selections quicker.

  • The smaller slider next to the "Complex actions => Clipping => Clip width" were replaced to make room for the return of the "Clip view" button.

  • Some of the keyboard short-cut buttons caused more trouble than they were worth and removed. The upcoming Newsletter will list the remaining short-cut keys.

  • I decided to connect the "Settings => Scalar bar labels" to the number of "Settings => Scalar bar colours". The number of labels can be individually changed afterwards if the automatic selection does not work for you.

Bug fixes

  • General stability improvements in the way objects are released from memory.

Again, this is a large update, so I could inadvertently have broken some functionality. As always, please let me know ASAP if that happened. Best wishes, Frans.

Kiwi popsicle

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