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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Many additions and bug fixes to Version - the main addition is support for images/photos.

New functionality

  • The main addition is support to add images/photos (PNG, JPG, BMP) to the scene with the top toolbar "Images" menu drop-down item. The "Move", "Rotate", and "Scale" tabs under "Complex actions" (bottom right) can then be used to transform the images to their appropriate locations. Text data can also be associated with images, so you could have images/photos spatially correct with descriptions. Multiple images can be loaded and saved simultaneously.

  • An "Object actions"-button to "Objects in selected files = > Objects" where object selections and check states can be reverse and changed.

  • A "Clip"-button to "Complex actions => Clipping". This button creates a section with the latest selection choices, without requiring a new selection. Especially useful when clipping with "Type => Camera" and "Type => Vertical".

  • Additional "Marker" and "Mapping" filtering options, such as filtering data as a distance from a picked point.

  • A "Coordinate"-button to "Complex actions => Move".

  • A "AutoCAD files loaded => Files => File actions"-button with file and object selection options.

  • An "Interactive mapping" option was added to the right toolbar Mapdisc-button (4th from the top). This allows mapping by picking two points with a different work flow that the existing mapping option - best way to understand the difference is to use it :).


  • The follower line when drawing lines or selecting offsets between points used to be white, which is not visible on white backgrounds (such as mine plan images). I changed the follower line to a dotted alternating white and back line that is visible on any background.

  • The working of the keyboard shortcuts were revisited and changes made - see 2015 Quarter 1 Newsletter for a list of supported shortcuts.

  • Changed menu item names to be consistent between different sections.

Bug fixes

  • The new coordinate axes arrows widget occasionally appeared when not selected -fixed.

  • When pop-up forms activated during different mouse picking actions, the scene automatically spinned with mouse movement until the left mouse button was pressed - fixed.

  • After cancelling some forms, the mouse double click (to change the centre of rotation) did not work until a new action was selected - fixed.

  • When importing a second WRML-file during a session, GEM4D often crashed - fixed.

Below is an example of a loaded image that was scaled, rotated and move to the appropriate location (takes only seconds). The hand written information is then mapped in GEM4D and can be exported as DXF-discs, or as a CSV text file to open as Mapping-data to investigate trends. The image was made transparent in the screenshot below.

Kiwi popsicle

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