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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The latest additions and bug fixes are largely due to requests and feedback from users - many thanks to ND, CG, EH, KdP, RC and PK (also PM for some good advice).

New functionality

  • "Complex actions => Clipping => Lines" now have to the option for multiple section lines, just add the required number in the box adjacent to the "Lines" radio-button.

  • "Left toolbar => Mouse icon => Points picking" now allow mouse pick snapping to the closest points and vertices. This make for accurate snapping for measurements and coordinate pick-ups.

  • "Right toolbar => Toolbox icon => Create grid in mesh bounding box" creates a regular grid of points within the visible meshes bounding box plus or minus an offset distance. This is useful to take regular grid points across to Map3D as a MSCALC-file to iso-surface results.

  • "Top toolbar => Marker => Add a data density column" cycles though the data points and calculates the number of points within the selected search radius, and add this value to the grid. After this value is added, the value could be used to create iso-surfaces and colour meshes similar to any other column. To create smooth and confined iso-surfaces, the next method is far superior but slower.

  • "Top toolbar => Marker => Create a confidence iso-surface" creates a regular grid around the data points, and count the number of data points with the selected search radius for each grid point. The original data are then replaced by the regular grid, and the regular grid can be used to create iso-surfaces of the data density values, or to colour code meshes on their proximity to data points.

  • A "Vertical offset" was added when placing "Measure" and "Mapdisc" objects (already available for "Marker shapes"). This is useful to off-set an object, for example to be on fully on top of a mesh etc.


  • "Top toolbar => Image => Add new image (JPG, PNG, BMP)" loaded the images as-is with the native resolution. This caused memory overflow errors when multiple large images were loaded. The image resolution is now automatically reduced for multiple large images.

  • The way text was displayed in the "Information => Textbox" was not always neat. The text font and spacing was changed to represent the information in a neater format.

Bug fixes

  • "Right toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour on orientation range" did not always provide the full output when the dip direction was close to 0° = 360° - fixed.

  • The "Reverse" option at the bottom of the "Marker" and "Mapping" grids did not always work as expected - fixed.

  • The "Filter => Mesh bounding box" at the bottom of the "Marker" and "Mapping" grids did not always correctly filter data - fixed.

  • "Complex actions => Move/Rotate/Scale" has an option to copy the objects after the transformation. Single copies worked correctly, but not multiple copies whilst using "SHIFT" keyboard button depressed - fixed.

  • The "Filter" pop-up context menus below the "Marker" and "Mapping" context menus was located too low - fixed.

  • An error occasionally occurred when picking in the scene during "Complex actions => Rotate => Pick known direction" - fixed.

Enjoy, Frans.

"Complex actions => Clipping => Lines" - create multiple line sections of a mesh

20150503 GEM4D Multiple line clippings 530.png

"Right toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour on orientation range"

20150503 GEM4D Colour on orientation range 530.png

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