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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for downlaod

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This version consists largely on smaller changes on aspects that annoyed me after frequent usage, but also contain a few new additions and icon changes.

New functionality

  • "Right toolbar => Toolbox icon => Extrude lines or polygons" extrudes polygons or polylines into meshes. The extrusion could be vertical, normal to the polygons, or towarda a point.

  • "Right toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour on polygon dip-direction" now allow three colouring options; 0° to 90°, 0° to 180° and 0° to 360°. Each option has limitations and strengths.

  • "Top toolbar => Scene => Save interface settings" saved the interface settings and automatically them when GEM4D is started again. Some screens does not suit the default settings, and this options basically overwrites the default settings. You can revert back to the default settings with "Top toolbar => Scene => Reset default settings".

  • The data checking capabilities were substantially improved when loading text files as "Marker" or "Map" data (top toolbar). The first data row has to be correct, as only data rows that are the same as the first row are loaded.


  • When colouring on "Top toolbar => Marker => Colour mesh on distance" and "Right toolbar => Colour palette => Colour on elevation" with the minimum value equal to the maximum value, a small amount is added to the maximum value to get a smooth interpolation.

  • Colour schemes can now be swapped when colouring on "Top toolbar => Marker => Colour mesh on distance" and "Right toolbar => Colour palette => Colour on elevation".

  • The toolstrip icon resolutions were changed to allow more flexibility in future versions, foe example to easier accommodate touch screens.

  • The following icons were changes "Top toolbar => Export => (All text exports)", "Left toolbar => Quick orientation view" and "Right toolbar => Toolbox".

Bug fixes

  • AutoCAD cannot read DXF-files with empty layer names. Exported RocScience DXF-sections allowed empty layer names, and are now automatically given the name "Unspecified" when exported.

Pit extrusion and coloured on dip-direction 0° to 90°

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