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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This minor update is largely bug fixes after the last major update to Version Many thanks for the feedback, especially from SM and KdP who gave extensive feedback on their experiences within a couple of days.

New functionality

  • Add a tick option to the coordinates system "Complex actions => Grid => Grid lines". The default is ticked to show the coordinate lines, untick to only show ticks on the ccordinate axes.

  • Add choice to load DXF-files as objects from layers only, or also from colours. The selection is made under "Ribbon => File => Load/Add DXF => Split on colour". The default is unchecked, and DXF-layer information used to create separate objects. Tick the box, and each different colour in a layer is also loaded as a separate object. This option could result in many objects though, so use with caution.


  • The interface colour scheme was changed (see screenshot below).

  • The intersection functions under "Top toolbar => Crossed swords icon" were updated and should be even more stable now.

  • The form size can be changed to suit various requirements with "Ribbon => Settings => Form size". The tooltip for each button describes the suitability of the size for PowerPoint slides and YouTube videos.

Bug fixes

  • The scene area occasionally blacked out - fixed.

  • Some of the toolbar button highlights were difficult to see - fixed.

  • The "Top toolbar => Information" and "Top toolbar => Compas widget" were difficult to see when selected - fixed.

  • The DXF-file "File" and "Object" selections were very light and nearly impossible to distinguish on some computers - fixed.

  • Cycling through the scene background colours with the keybourd "B"-button (default, black ans white) got stuck after a few cycles - fixed.

  • The icon for "Top toolbar => Mapping => Save as DXF-file" was incorrect - fixed.

This should again be a very stable version, please let me know if I am mistaken. All the best, Frans.

New GEM4D interface screenshot

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