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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is an unplanned update forced by errors when certain action combinations are used simultaneously. Thanks to KdP that indicated these errors to me and provided the relevant error messages to pinpoint the problem.

New functionality

  • OBJ-files from 123DCatch can now be loaded with the associated texture (images) with "Ribbon => Image => Load => OBJ with texture". After transformations, the new location and orientation cannot yet be saved again, but the functionality under development and the reason for the inactive button under "Ribbon => Image => Save". OBJ files without the texture information can be loaded, transformed and saved with "Ribbon => File => Import => Wavefront (OBJ)" and "Ribbon => File => Export => Other formats => Wavefront (OBJ)".


  • When converting"Markers" or "Mapping" points to individual objects (such as spheres), the total number that can be displayed is limited. When the number of "Marker" or "Mapping" points exceed the set maximum limit for individual objects, a warning message is displayed that now includes the number of points in the scene. The maximum number of individual objects is different for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of GEM4D.

Bug fixes

  • When colouring mesh triangulations on "Markers" data, the visibility of the objects were not always correctly accounted for and resulted in crashes due to index errors (thanks KdP) - fixed.

  • Toggle buttons in the ribbon should always have a selected option within a toggle set, but double clicking the same option in the previous version deselected all toggles within a set - fixed.

  • Smooth shading did not display correctly when colouring mesh triangulations on "Markers" data - fixed.

Importing OBJ-files with textures from 123D-Catch is not extensively tested yet, please let me know if you experience difficulty. I wish you all a happy Xmas and New Year.

OBJ-image with texture from 123DCatch

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