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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version adds more data filtering options to extract data spatially, repair meshes, colour on seismic PPV-value, as well as improvements and bug fixes from user feedback. Thanks for this update to to KdP, RT, PF, JA, SO, KB, MD, JS, MB, ZT, DC and AG.

New functionality

  • "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Manual => Relative to meshes" filters data relative to meshes. All manual filters are cumulative, meaning that new filters build on previous filters to refine a search. See notes below for guidance.

  • "Top toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour visibility from pick" previously only worked on triangles, but now also works on DXF-points.

  • "Top toolbar => Toolbox icon => Repair holes in a mesh" repairs holes in meshes to an selected estimated diameter.

  • "Ribbon => File => Settings => Show vertices" toggles line vertice visibility. When checked, the line and polyline vertices are shown as larger points.

  • "Markers" can now be displayed as both "Vertices" and "Points". "Vertices" creates a single object with all the points for large data sets, but individual points cannot be selected. "Points" looks similar to "Vertices", but each point is a separate object and can be selected individually - "Points" are far slower than "Vertices", but more flexible during selection.

  • The "Ribbon => Marker => Scalar bar and colours => Interpolate" checkbox now updates the scene when checked and unchecked.

  • "Top toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour on PPV from coordinate" colours the visible meshes according to a formula that John Albrecht established for WA-mines during his PhD thesis.

  • "Top toolbar => Colour palette icon" is now working on clipped actors.


  • "Top toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour visibility from pick" now combines all visible meshes before testing the visibility. The mathematics engine was also changed, as the previous test did not produce accurate results in all scenarios. The new calculation is slow compared to the previous calculation, and improvements will be made to future versions.

  • All "mRL" references were replaced with "Elevation", as GEM4D is not unit specific, except for the PPV-calculation.

  • Some behavioural changes were made to "Files and Objects => Marker => Iso-surface and Colour mapping => Shepherd interpolation" - now asks if a "Search radius" update is required.

Bug fixes

  • "Top toolbar => Colour palette icon => Colour visibility from pick" did not work correctly with points and lines - fixed.

  • Some objects were not always released from memory - fixed.

  • I broke the "Nearest neighbour" interpolation in Version - fixed.

Notes on "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Manual => Relative to meshes"

This is a powerfull way to filter both "Marker" and "Mapping" data relative to visible meshes. Also, different filters could be combined to refine a search incrementally, and save the results by right cliking in the data grid and select "Save data as CSV-file".

The screenshots below demonstate how the new filter can be used to extract only the required data between two meshes. Combining the mesh filters with the rubberband selection filters allows quick extraction of nearly any required dataset.

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