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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version corrects bugs introduced in Version, and adds the ability to fine tune the block model interpolation parameters when creating iso-surfaces and colour mapping meshes from "Marker" data. Many thanks for the feedback on the errors and the improvement ideas when creating block models.

New functionality

  • "Files and Objects => Iso-surface and Colour mapping => Iso-surface/Colour meshes" selection now brings up a form where the interpolation parameters for the creation of isosurfaces and mesh colouring can be set. This was requested some time ago, but took a while to implement as substantial logic changes were required.


  • The robustness of the "Marker" and "Mapping" data files reader were improved.

  • When loading new "Marker" and "Mapping" data files, the scene representations automatically revert back to "Vertices".

Bug fixes

  • The selection of objects under "Files and Objects => File" did not work correctly in Clipping Mode "Polar plot of manual mapping, Comments, and Complext actions => Clipping" - fixed.

  • The "Polar plot of manual mapping, Comments, and Complext actions => Clip" button did not redo the previous clipping - fixed.

  • When a block model is created, the values can be saved with "Ribbon => Marker => Save and Export => Regular grid (CSV)", but the values were not always saved in the correct coordinate system - fixed.

Screenshot of the interpolation options

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