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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Users from Norway (and occasionally Finland) had issues running Trajec3D with their native language settings. This is probably due to a custom of using a decimal comma instead of a decimal point in numbers (10,00 vs 10.00). I changed Trajec3D to be language and region insensitive, which should sort out the issue.

The language setting error seems to only affect Trajec3D, and not GEM4D or PhotoCoreLog. I think the physics library used in Trajec3D was compiled for a specific language and region, and that is now hopefully corrected - please let me know if not.


  • "Ribbon => Delete object from scene => Bodies and paths" now also delete the trajectory path information.

  • Change the language and region compatibility settings in an attempt to run Trajec3D with different language settings - without requiring manual setting changes.

  • Change all charts to a different library set, but everything should work as before - please let me know if I broke something in the transition.

  • The control to change the number of bins in the histogram chart was moved from the top right to the bottom left of the chart area.

Bug fixes

  • The Histogram chart did not always auto-update - fixed.

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