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  • Frans Basson

PhotoCoreLog Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is a small update from feedback after the large Version update, where some aspects of the software changed - thanks to PE, MT, KPH, AB and JS.

New functionality

  • The resolution required after perspective correction can now be changed with "PhotoCoreLog Dimensions and Data => Horizontal resolution after upwarping".

  • Tooltips were added to all controls, hover the mouse curosr over controls for a description of the functionality.


  • Many users make changes in the grid as they log, and that is now easier with single click access to grid cells. Previously, a single click was required to select the cell, then a double click to gain access to the cell for changes.

  • Scaling now carries across to other photographs, just press "3_Length" directly after "1_Add".

  • A different image thumbnail control is used from Version . The logic for this is not obvious at the moment, but will become apparent in future versions where complex annotations will be supported. I added a context menu to the new thumbnail that should replace the lost functionality that were used by some. Just right click in the thumbnail control to activate the context menu.

Bug fixes

  • The context menu when right clicking in the data grid did not work - fixed.

  • Some aspects of the new version worked slightly differently from the previous version - fixed.

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