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PicSure Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

PhotoCoreLog was discontinued as core logging from photographs are protected by patent AU 2007224370 C1. Thanks to the PhotoCoreLog users that provided papers and public reports regarding measurements from photographs before the patent was logged in 2007. I decided to respect the patent, as the patent author went through a significant effort to lodge the patent, and then pursued the patent by creating photo logging software available from

PicSure is the latest incarnation of RMPictureMeasure, and the name derived from Picture Measure => PicSure. I first published on RMPictureMeasure in a SANIRE 2001 paper "Time Dependant Stope Closure in the Underground Laboratory", where RMPictureMeasure was used to measure distances and hydraulic radii from electronic images.

PicSure makes measurements from images a breeze and contains functionality to set the image resolution, deskew to correct for perspective view, record measurements automatically, create a custom ruler that follows the mouse cursor etc.

Perspective correction of a painting

PicSure portrait deskew

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