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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is mainly a bug fix update , although I also got some interface changes done on aspects that have been annoying me for a while. Many thanks for the very quick responses from MdC and RT on errors they found in Version!

New functionality

  • Add check boxes to the "Mesh => Files and Objects => Files" list control (top list to the left where the file names are displayed). Check the "File name" checkbox to show the associated objects in the "Objects" list directly below.

  • Additional functionality to the "Objects" list control:

  • Pick the "Color" column and select a colour from the pop-up control.

  • Pick the "Opacity" column to change the object opacity. Pick to the left in the cell for high transparency, and to the right in the cell for lower transparency.

  • Pick the "Object name" column and change the name in the pop-up control.

Bug fixes

  • Creating map discs from the orientations of mapping data did not work when the mapping data was represented as points - fixed.

  • When creating map discs from mapping data, the coordinates were not correctly transferred to the CSV-file with "Top toolbar => Discs icon => Save as DXF and CSV-files" - fixed.

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