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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version contains further stability improvements, interface changes, and functionality extensions when creating markers, mapping discs, and measurement lines. The changes in this version is largely due to input received from KdP, WG, LH, JP, PE, GS, EJ, RV, AJ, JD, CB and NT - many thanks.

New functionality

  • "Top toolbar => Manual Markers / Manual Mapping / Measuring Tool" now work slightly differently to previous versions. The "Shift" button was required in the past for multiple selections, which is no longer required as the right mouse button is used to stop the selected action. The keyboard "Delete" button will removed the latest objects, which makes digitising far easier. For Measure Lines, and option will also be given to close the line or leave the line open. See the discussion below.

  • Add support for the VTK file format "Ribbon => Mesh => Load and import different file formats => Other formats => Visualization Toolkit (VTK/VTP)".

  • More formats are now supported when selecting "Change coordinate system" from the top "Mesh => Files" list box. Previously, only loaded DXF-files were supported, but that was extended to the Surpac DTM/STR and OBJ file formats.


  • Warning messages are now provided before all Manual Markers / Mapping / Measuring objects are deleted.

  • When docking and undocking the interface controls, the form is not resized any longer.

  • Changes were made to the "Right toolbar => Move / Rotate / Scale" interfaces.

Bug fixes

  • Miscellaneous stability improvements and bug fixes.

Discussion: Digitising "Measuring Tool" lines (also applicable to Manual Markers & Mapping)

The "Top toolbar => Measuring Tool" (yellow ruler icon) can be used to create open or closed lines or solid shapes such as rectangles or cylinders. Make the selection from the pop-up form with "Top toolbar => Measuring Tool => Create measure lines => Selection form". The form allows the selection of lines or solids such as rectangles and cylinders.

Click on any mesh surface to start the digitising, and use the left toolbar to change the snapping mode as required, and the snapping can be changed between picks. Press the "Ctrl" keyboard button to temporarily deactivate the function to reposition the scene, and press "Delete" to delete from the last pick point. Right mouse click when the digitising is completed, which will provide a selection to close the string.

GEM4D Top toolbar create lines with the Measuring Tool

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