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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version contains functionality additions and enhancements. Please download the latest version, as there was an earlier Version that contained errors. Many thanks this time to contributions and comments from JS, CB, LH, MB, JP, GB, NB, CHY, AJ, GB, KdP, MD, BD, WvH, SA, TN, GI, CH, IK, EJ, RT, HDL, SE, FM, JW, JB, MO, PS, EZ, SW, PE and AB. A very special thanks to JS, KdP and CB for their ideas and comments as indicated below.

New functionality

  • Use "Ribbon => Mesh => Export files => Mesh info as CSV => Best-fit disc through object" to create CSV-files from strings such as fault traces etc. - see Discussion 1 below.

  • The 3D-grid has been rebuild and many of the previous limitations eliminated. Two options are available on the functions to the right of the scene under "Grid" - see Discussion 2 below.

  • When loading orientation data with "Ribbon => Mapping => Text (CSV)", the stereonet at the bottom of the scene now indicate the number of points in a segment with the back colour intensity - thanks for the idea JS!

  • When loading data with "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Text (CSV)", the selected column name is displayed as the header of the legend - thanks KdP.

  • Added "Ribbon => Settings => Camera settings => Depth peeling" which could improve the image quality with multiple transparent objects behind one another.

  • Add a quick measure option "Top toolbar => Yellow ruler icon => Quick single measurement".

  • Many changes were made to the way objects are picked, especially when using rubberband picking. The new system is significantly more robust and accurate.

  • The file names of the data loaded to a grid are now shown when hovering the mouse cursor over the grid.


  • Interface changes were made to remove largely redundant buttons and combine functionality where possible.

  • Automatically activate parallel view when selecting rubberband selection.

Bug fixes

  • Correct a survey mistake when using the "Basic Tangent Algorithm" - thanks for the detailed responses CB.

  • Resolve occasional screen refresh and scaling issues - fixed.

  • Resolve clipping advance issues that manifested in specific scenarios - fixed.

  • Interactive mapping issues resolved - thanks MB - fixed.

  • Shading changes did not always update correctly when new objects were loaded - fixed.

  • Adding new rows and columns to some of the grids caused errors - fixed.

  • Correct spelling mistakes - thanks GB - fixed.

DISCUSSION 1: Best-fit discs through objects

It is not uncommon to receive structural data as trace strings, and these strings are often also combined as a single object.

  • Use "Top toolbar => Blue toolbox icon => Combine connected triangles/lines" to separate objects based on their connectivity. This function can also be used to separate meshes that were saved as a single object, but contains disconnected meshes.

  • Use "Ribbon => Mesh => Export files => Mesh info as CSV => Best-fit disc through object" to calculate the best-fit plane through each object, and the results are saved as a CSV-file (which could be loaded directly as Mapping-data).

GEM4D breaking meshes apart and fit planes through the separate objects

DISCUSSION 2: New 3D coordinates grid

The previous 3D coordinate grid had many limitations and two 3D grid options were added that should satisfy most needs. The image below shows how to prepare an image for a report screenshot. Note the options available to customise the 3D grid.

GEM4D coordinate grids for screen shots

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