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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The main addition to Version is in-scene text support for Marker, Mapping and drill hole Geotech data, but other improvements were made for a specific project I am currently working on. Many thanks this time for inputs from KdP, RT, GB, AM, FB, FC, GS, MC, JV, JdS, LH, KB, LC, KD, HA, JP, TN, GL, OW, GK, BTM and AB.

Apologies for those that had difficulty downloading installation files, I had issues with my internet hosting service which changed some of their protocols without warning. I changed service providers and all should be good (even better) now, please let me know if not.

New functionality

  • Support for in-scene text display of the selected values for Markers, Mapping and drill hole Geotech data - see the discussion at the bottom of the blog.

  • The "Top toolbar => Toolbox icon" methods can now all be done directly on "Right toolbar => Clipping" objects. Previously, the clipped objects had to be saved first, and the toolbox methods then used on the saved objects.

  • When working with data as Markers or Mapping, the statistics of the selected data is shown in the bottom right textbox. The sum of the values of the selected column was added to the statistical parameters.


  • The interface theme (form visual appearance) was changed.

  • The "Top toolbar => Blue colour palette icon => Colour on PPV from coordinate" PPV-values were changed from two to three decimals to allow for the visualisation of small PPV-values from blasting.

  • The "Right toolbar => Grid => Grid type => 2D scale bar" previously showed along all four sides, but the side bars clashed with the scalars colour-bars (when meshes is coloured or Markers/Mapping data is show). The scale side arms were removed and the scales now only show at the top and bottom.

Bug fixes

  • An iso-surface error was introduced in the previous version - fixed.

  • When copying the screen with keyboard "c", the graded background should automatically be changed to white, but did not always occur - fixed.

  • When Marker and Mapping data is filtered, the right-click pop-up box options from the grids are not the same as for the unfiltered grid. The full pop-up box list did not reset when filters were removed - fixed.

Discussion: In-scene text support for Markers, Mapping and drill hole Geotech data

  1. Step 1: Tick the "Text scale" checkbox and select the text size.

  2. Step 2: Set the text precision (number of decimals) that will format the values in the grid, scene text, and "Value start"/"Value end".

  3. Step 3: Set the "Base color" to change the text colour and the object mesh colour. When the mesh objects are coloured on scalar values, the base mesh colour will not be displayed, but shown when the scalar colours are removed with "Left toolbar => Marker => Colour mode => Mode => Remove".

GEM4D in-scene text for Markers, but also available for Mapping and drill hole Geotech data

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