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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version should be a very stable version, as I received much feedback from users that resulted in small bug fixes and improvements, but no large additions were made that could introduce new errors. Many thanks to the feedback and suggestions from KdP, CL, GS, FB, AB, AC, JD, EG, MRP, KS, JP, RT, BE, BO, FC, MD, EJ, SW and PE.

All BasRock software and associated installations are now Code Sign Certificated by Comodo ( A certificate is issued after verifying the identity of the publisher to the specifications laid out by the CA/Browser forum and Microsoft. The Comodo site explains the benefits as: "Code Signing certificates allow software developers to digitally sign their code to prove it has not been modified by a third party. This lets end-users know they are downloading genuine software and not a corrupted version that has been altered or compromised."

Please let me know if you want the certificate information required by your IT-Department to simplify the approval process of all BasRock software on your company computers. If you IT-Department uses the certificate, then all BasRock software digitally signed with this certificate are allowed to run on your company computers.

New functionality

  • When colouring meshes on "Marker" block model values, the triangulations outside the models bounds are now coloured in gray - see the discussion at the bottom of the post. Thanks to AB that brought this up and forced a bit of "out-of-the-box" thinking to rectify.


  • Stability improvements with the release of mouse button events after pop-up forms were activated.

  • Performance improvements, especially with the saving and loading of DXF-files.

  • The Grey-scale colour legend option was removed as not very useful, and it will cause ambiguity with the new functionality convention of using grey to indicate areas of a mesh outside the model boundary.

Bug fixes

  • When loading a new data file with less columns than the previous selected column number, GEM4D crashed - fixed.

  • In "Parallel View" mode with large files, double clicking in the scene occasionally caused erratic scene movements - fixed.

  • Data histogram charts did not update when the number of colours were changed - fixed.

  • When in "Clipping Mode" and pressing the arrows to step through a model, continuous clipping occurred that could not be stopped - fixed. Thanks to CL for pointing this out.

  • Accidentally loading of empty data files occasionally crashed the program - fixed.

  • "Interpolate" check box did not always produce the expected result.

  • When using "Reduce polygons retainign geometry", the object name of the first was assigned to all other obkects - fixed.

Discussion: Colouring meshes outside model bounds

When creating block models from Marker-data and colouring triangulations on the data-values, triangles outside the block model boundaries were previously assigned a zero-value. This result was that differentiation of actual zero-values and areas outside the model boundary could not be distinguished. In the latest version, the triangles outside the model boundaries are now coloured in gray, which resolves the ambiguity.

GEM4D comparing colours outside model bounds

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