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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This is a small update, but some long standing annoyances were eventuality corrected - such as the mouse events that did not always release, sorting of objects (also on colour), and the mouse wheel scrolling that did not work in data control. A new mesh cutting functionality was also added that will make life easy in many situations. Thanks this time to JP, RLP, WG, KdP, CB, GK, KB, EM, OW, CH, AB, LH, SE, RT, PN, FC, FN, JV, PE and SW.

New functionality

  • Added "Top toolbar => Pick arrow icon (far right) => Split selection out by rubberband", which cuts the meshes exactly on the rubberband lines - see discussion below.

  • Mouse wheel now works in data controls to scroll through the data.

  • Deleting mesh files and objects from the list control now possible with the keyboard "Delete" key.

  • Mesh objects can now be sorted in the bottom list control, even on colours. Sorting colours consistently as expected from red to blue is not trivial, but the algorithm in use is a good starting point.


  • Change the working of the split out by polygon to align with lines - more intuitive.

Bug fixes

  • Mouse button events did not always release as expected with some functions - fixed.

  • Embedded lines and points and lines in meshes caused some functions to fail - fixed.

  • "Top toolbar => Blue colour palette icon => Colour on PPV from coordinate" inconsistencies on the input form - fixed.

Discussion: Cutting meshes on rubberband

A new function was added that splits meshes into separate objects. Select "Top toolbar => Mouse pick icon => Split selection out by rubberband". Keep "Shift" in for multiple selections and "Ctrl" to reposition between selections. As each selection is made, the selections are shown in different colours, and each colour is saved as a separate mesh object.

This function splits the meshes out from the original mesh, and the original mesh is thus changed in the process. To conclude the function, release the "Shift"-button before the last selection is made, or just mouse right-click in the scene.

GEM4D Rubberband mesh splitting into objects

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