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GEM4D Version and training videos now available

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This update contains many small improvements that significantly improve the user experience, thanks for the feedback from many users. I skipped the Blog-entry for Version due to time constraints, and this entry covers the update for both versions.

I got many requests for GEM4D training lately, but have little free time at the moment, and decided to start a series of training videos. Due to time constraints, I record each training video once, compile and publish. The videos are thus of average quality, but should be a useful resource. The training videos are available from the website menu under Videos, and the first videos cover scene manipulation and the GEM4D interface.

Now that I have overcome my own high expectations for the training videos, they should multiply quickly as they do not take much time.

New functionality

  • Add a behaviour option to "Top toolbar => Colour palette 1 => Colour on distance from mesh", whereby a zero value for the start of the data range ignores the polygon orientation, and plot the distance as an absolute value. This addition allows the ability to colour even inconsistently oriented triangulations in a mesh.

  • When working with "Marker"-data, the ability to generate iso-surfaces and colour meshes are often used. The "Show regular grid" checkbox was not overly useful, as the grid points used the normal marker settings to display size and opacity. Not any longer, as the fixed grid point size and opacity can now be set separately, which opens many visualisation options.

  • Left mouse button double-clicking on an object in the scene always displayed the coordinates in the textbox at the bottom to the right, but the coordinate values are now also automatically saved to the clipboard. This allows for the easy transfer of coordinates to other sources such as Excel to speed up the coordinates of observations.

  • Add an "id" column to the "Marker" and "Mapping" grids, which do not have immediate use but enables future functionality expansions.

  • Improvement additions to the scene update logic that should further improve the user experience.


  • Remove the coordinates pop-up box when loading the first object, as the coordinate change can be made later by right-clicking on the file name in the upper left list-box, and selecting "Change coordinate system".

  • Adding separate buttons for changing the "Marker", "Mapping", "Collar", "Survey" and "Geotech" object base colours, which also determines their text colours.

  • Remove the sorting ability from the "Survey" and "Geotech" grids.

Bug fixes

  • Further resolve the occasional mouse button release issues after functions - fixed.

  • "Marker => Mode => Auto" did not reset the histogram chart boundaries - fixed.

  • Correct the slow-down that occurred when when clicking on large objects and then attempt a scene rotate when not in "Info Mode" (this slow-down will still occur in "Info Mode") - fixed.

  • When creating new objects with "Top toolbar => Mark Points", the object width was ignored - fixed.

  • Fix error with "Top toolbar => Colour palette 1 => Colour on poly normal dip angle", and ensure triangle normals facing up and down is shown in different colours.

GEM4D training videos

I started uploading training videos and will continue over weekends when I have time. The videos currently available are:

GEM4D annotated interface

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