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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is an update with significant functionality additions, improvements and bug fixes. Background coding changes were made to Version, and I broke some of the functionality in the process - sorry about that. This version should be fully functional again, please let me know ASAP if bugs are discovered.

The background changes made to Version was done to accommodate an easy method of creating geotechnical databases, but more about that in the coming months.

New functionality

  • Calculate hydraulic radius (HR) values from any mesh with "Top toolbar => Lines (yellow ruler icon)" - see "Discussion 1: Measuring HR values directly from meshes" below.

  • When burning scalar colours to meshes with "Ribbon => Mesh => Save DXF-files => Burn colours", the saved triangles are now split along the contour lines to create smooth contour divisions - see "Discussion 2: Exporting smooth mesh contours" below.

  • "Top toolbar => Toolbox 1 => Create a surface/volume (Delaunay2D/3D)" and "Top toolbar => Toolbox 2 => Extrude lines and mesh surfaces" previously created a combined object before the function execution, but the functions now work on separate objects as well. These changes were made to assist with Map3D model building, and I now build most Map3D models in GEM4D, and import the meshes to Map3D without errors. Some models that used to take me days, are now done in around 10 minutes, and I will add a video at some point to demonstrate.


  • Extruding lines and meshes with "Top toolbar => Toolbox 2 => Extrude lines and mesh surfaces" is now done with Dip and Dip-direction angles, as the unit vector approach used before was not intuitive.

  • All rubberband functions under "Top toolbar => Split & Delete" now force "Parallel view".

Bug fixes

  • After the changes for Version, some of the data grid functions from the right mouse click context menu did not work as expected - fixed.

  • "Top toolbar => Split & Delete => Delete polys inside/outside rubberband" caused GEM4D to crash - fixed.

A fifth GEM4D training video was added called "5. Interface - Top Toolbar layout", and covers the layout of the top toolbar. The following video will provide an overview of the available functionality of the top toolbar.

Discussion 1: Measuring HR values directly from meshes

Measuring HR-values from meshes are automatically activated when the "Closed measure lines" check box is selected in "Top toolbar => Lines (yellow ruler icon) => Digitise poly lines => Selection form".

After this selection is made, digitise a poly line on any surface by left mouse clicking on any mesh/surface/lines/clipping. Finalise the poly line with the right mouse button, which will now automatically close the poly line, and display the poly line perimeter, surface and hydraulic radius for both the "Draw plane" and "Plan view".

Be careful to work on flat surfaces only, although the calculation will be done irrespective of the plane flatness. The onus is thus on the user to ensure the plane is reasonably flat for accurate values.

Discussion 2: Exporting smooth mesh contours

When coloured meshes were exported in the past with "Ribbon => Mesh => Save DXF-files => Burn colours", the contour outlines became irregular. The coloured contour outlines were smooth, but the smooth outlines were lost during the export, as average values were assigned to polygons, and the polygons not sub-divided when saved. From Version, the polygons are now sub-divided and the smooth contour lines retained. Each colour is exported as a separate object, and the layer/object name indicates the value range associated with the colour.

GEM4D Burn colours improvements

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