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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version has a few bug fixes and the main additions are:

  1. Colour a mesh on the vertical distance to other meshes.

  2. Added Marker interpolation method options.

  3. Copy improvements from meshes and data statistics.

  4. Support for Virtual Reality Modelling Language (WRML) files.

  5. Ribbon behaviour improvements for quick access to selected functionality, see "Discussion: Ribbon behaviour" below.

New functionality

  • "Top toolbar => Color Palette 1 => Colour on vertical distance from mesh" colours a mesh on the vertical closest distance from another meshes. See also "Top toolbar => Toolbox 1 => Vertical volume between meshes".

  • When using "Marker => Marker settings and data => Iso-surface and Colour mapping => Settings => Interpolation method => Nearest neighbour", mesh vertices that are further away from the data than the defined "Search radius" is now marked as NaN and shown in grey (not coloured).

  • When double clicking (or single clicking with "Top toolbar => Info Mode" selected) on a mesh with a scalar value, the scalar value is displayed in "Bottom panel => Textbox" to the bottom right.

  • Activate the "Bottom panel => Textbox" context menu by right clicking in the textbox, which now contains options to speed up data transfer to Excel: 1) "Copy text to clipboard 'as-is'". 2) "Save text to a file 'as-is'". 3) "Copy header to clipboard as a row". 4) "Copy data to clipboard as a row". 5) "Save text as rows to a CSV-file".

  • "Ribbon => Mesh => Load and import different file formats => Other formats" now also support the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (WRML) file format.

  • Ribbon behaviour improvements for quick access to selected functionality, see "Discussion: Ribbon behaviour" below.


  • In previous GEM4D versions, the highest resolution allowed for displaying spheres, cylinders, cones and discs were from 24, which was increased to 50 for smoother marker and mapping shapes.

  • A persistent "BasRock" watermark was added to the bottom right of the scene.

  • Some aspects of the ribbon default behaviour was changed to be more intuitive, see "Discussion: Ribbon behaviour" below.

Bug fixes

  • "Ribbon => Mesh => Save DXF-files => Burn colours" did not always work as expected – fixed.

  • "Ribbon => Marker => Marker filters => Manual => Remove inside selection" occasionally bombed out during the manual picking process – fixed.

Discussion: Ribbon behaviour

The GEM4D ribbon is a interactive tool with useful features that could assist during assessments.

Hiding the ribbon

In previous versions, the ribbon could be toggled between hidden and displayed by double-clicking on any menu item. Although this behaviour could be useful, accidental double-clicking does occur and this behaviour could become annoying. From this version, double-clicking on a menu-item now always display the ribbon.

To hide the ribbon, mouse right-click on the ribbon and check "Minimize the ribbon". To unhide the ribbon, mouse right click on a ribbon menu item and uncheck "Minimize the ribbon". The drop-down button at the top could also be used as show below.

GEM4D Interface ribbon drop-down button

Adding and removing shortcuts

The top section of the ribbon can now be used for shortcut buttons of frequently used functionality. I added a few shortcut buttons, and others could be added by the user when a particular functionality is often used in an assessment.

The buttons added by default are:

GEM4D Ribbon shortcuts

The user can add additional buttons to the shortcut bar by right-clicking on the relevant ribbon button and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". A shortcut button can be removed by right clicking on the shortcut button and select "Remove from Quick Access Toolbar".

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