• Frans Basson

Next GEM4D on-line training session

A video of the previous on-line GoToMeeting tutorial is available from here, and is covering the following topics during the times indicated:

  1. GEM4D Interface: 00.00 to 02:10

  2. Scene mouse movements: 02:30 to 03:30

  3. Important base knowledge aspects: 03:40 to 12:40

  4. Perspective vs. Parallel views

  5. Backface Culling

  6. Filtering and assigning values to new data columns: 13:35 to 21:10

  7. Extract objects centres to use in risk models: 21:10 to 23:26

  8. Data filtering logic of “Relative to meshes: 25:25 to 30.20

  9. Simplifying meshes: 32:05 to 38:45

  10. Create triangulations from contour lines: 38:50 to 43:30

  11. Building Map3D models from poor design data: 44:10 to 57:55

No single time accommodates all time zones; so the previous session was at 5 am and the upcoming session will be at 5 pm (Perth-time) to accommodate most users.

The next on-line GoToMeeting session:

Perth time (UTC+8): Tuesday 1 September @ 05:00 pm in Perth (UTC+8)

GoToMeeting link: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/752965573

Duration: ~60 minutes

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Create drill-holes and data composites: ~10 minutes

  2. ERF and HR calculations (detail and quick): ~10 minutes

  3. Open-pit reconciliation: ~15 minutes

  4. Answer any other questions: ~25 minutes

If you have specific questions that you would like me to cover, please mail them to mail@basrock.net or ask questions during the session.

Below is ERF-function output, but stope HR-values can also be estimated from many stope surfaces simultaneously.

Hope to meet you on the call, keep well.


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Perth Western Australia

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